Peculiar "Tiny Tattoos" Paired with Paralleled Landscapes

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Peculiar "Tiny Tattoos" Paired with Paralleled Landscapes

Austin Tott is a Photographer who in his series Tiny Tattoos, he pairs the grandiose and the small one. His images feature a hand-drawn body art that he delightfully positioned against a background to get a great visual reference.

As we can see, there is this wrist marked with quotes in one photograph in front of bunches of books. And at another suspends, some vintage keys on strings with a hand trying to reach towards the one that’ll unlock the drawing on its arm.

And there is an inch-high tree with a backdrop of an entire forest in a beautiful play on scale. Overall, in every one of his images, Tott finds a way to engage us by adding an illustrated touch.

But actually his conceptual relationship in Tiny Tattoos is merely a part of his series’ charm. Tott can create harmonious compositions as he blends the massive with minuscule. It goes along with something like a single bike compared with a sprawling cityscape. That really is nothing more engaging than seeing such spectacle.

This visual tension makes for images that are fun to view. If we've been enchanted by Tott's clever photography before, this time we are sure that his work is really fabulous.

H/T My Modern Met

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