People Are Horsing Around In Stallion Masks And Nobody Knows Why

People Are Horsing Around In Stallion Masks And Nobody Knows Why

Here's a holiday trend that clearly makes us question a lot of things. Human sanity, being the first. Here's hoping it doesn't make it to the 'gram...

After pigeons, it is the horses that are going places and having that 'wanderlust' time! People all around the world have started traveling with a horse-mask while getting themselves clicked at the finest and prettiest spots in the world. It is indeed a little absurd to look at these horse masked people, because, how often do you see people wearing animal masks while vacationing? Clearly, it has caught the fancy of several young folks and we really don't know why!

The pictures are disturbingly funny.  Scroll through!

1. Having a crazy time in Thailand feels good!


2. Because horses love breathing fresh air and the smell of the salty ocean.


3. Best fashion style goes to...


4. Not just humans, but horses too love unicorns. 


5. In the midst of blossomed lanes. 


6. Some horses love taking pictures in front of giant monuments to feel small.


7. Sometimes, a horse's head is bigger than the view.


8. Look at that gorgeous face!


9. They are slaying all around the world, and no one knows how to feel about it.


10. Ever seen a horse going for fishing?


11. They have an intense personality too. 


12.  They just LOVE taking selfies.


13. Some horses are passionate about music and playing Ukelele. They also smile while playing for the public.


14. This horse travels to different places, goes for meetings, drinks beer, goes skying and loves spending time alone. 


15. Healthy horse-like-human exploring the beauty of Denmark all by himself! How often do we see this?


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