Pets Portraits Meticulously Painted onto Delicate Feathers

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Pets Portraits Meticulously Painted onto Delicate Feathers

Using wild turkey feathers and macaws as his canvas, Krystle Missildine painted intricate portraits of animals, ranging from small birds to large cats and everything in between.

Fur texture naturally adds a thin visual effect to painted animal fur, producing a very realistic image. This talented artist has made a career out of pet portraits - including those on display on order - but has recently decided to engage in the art of painting feathers, using hair loss from his Lutino Cockatiel as the first quill canvas.

In addition to painting on feathers and other unconventional canvas, Missildine is also adept at making animals in various media, including charcoal, graphite and colored pencils. You can see more of his amazing artwork on Instagram.

More info: krystle missildine | instagram (h/t: moment ) | Relax

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