Photograph, Where Syrian Child Refugees Sleep

Photograph, Where Syrian Child Refugees Sleep photograph-where-syrian-child-refugees-sleep

It is always heartbreaking to see how war affected to children. Not only those who are killed, but mostly to those who live and try to survive.


It is heartbreaking that some people winning award from their misery, but hey, someone needs to report to the world about the gutwrenching situation faced by these children everyday. Magnus Wennman, an award-winning photojournalist from Stockholm, has published a gutwrenching photo series revealing what is happening to the children in the Middle East and on Europe’s doorstep as they flee the conflict in Syria. To create “Where The Children Sleep,” he traveled throughout the regions where these children and their families are fleeing to to tell us their stories Wennman took the photos for the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, in an interview with the CNN he said that the conflict and the crisis can be difficult for people to understand, “but there is nothing hard to understand about how children need a safe place to sleep. That is easy to understand,” he said. He further said “They have lost some hope,”. “It takes very much for a child to stop being a child and to stop having fun, even in really bad places.”

Source : Borepanda, Instagram, Aftonbladet.




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