Photographer Albert Dros Captured The Amazing Beauty Of The Keukenhof Flower Garden When Closed To Tourists

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Photographer Albert Dros Captured The Amazing Beauty Of The Keukenhof Flower Garden When Closed To Tourists

Keukenhof is one of the most beautiful flower gardens in the world in the Netherlands

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, tourist attractions suddenly closed temporarily to prevent the spread of the virus, one of which was the Keukenhof Flower Garden in the Netherlands. However, a photographer gets a chance to visit when the park is closing. The park is holding a tulip festival every spring. So that the park gives special access to photographers to capture the beauty of the blooming tulips.

Keukenhof is one of the most beautiful flower gardens in the world in the Netherlands, closing its doors for visitors. This summer Keukenhof looked deserted. But the flowers are still beautifully manicured.

Photographer Albert Dros had the opportunity to photograph it with special permission from the park manager. Uniquely, Dros is the first time to set foot in this park.

He more often works to photograph flowers on the quiet side of the road than in tourist attractions that are crowded with visitors. In addition, Dros also often collaborates with farmers in the Netherlands to take pictures of their fields.

His love for flowers grew since he was little because he often gardened and enjoyed the colorful flowers with his grandmother. That's what led him to become a photographer like now.

"I was in the park with my grandmother and always liked gardening. Now I only like colors. You can see it in my photo style. This is very colorful in general, "said Dros.

Dros took this opportunity to capture the moments of tulips that bloom in the garden. Moreover, the park is currently closed, so he can freely explore the park without the interference of visitors. According to him, this moment would not have happened in his entire life if it were not for a pandemic. As a professional photographer, the photos produced are no doubt. Dros displays some of his photos through social media and also his web .

The tulip festival in this park usually attracts visitors from all over the world. Unfortunately, this park has to be closed for this season due to a pandemic. For this reason, the park allows photographers to visit and take pictures on social media so that people can still enjoy the beauty of tulips. In April 2020 Keukenhof was closed for the first time in 71 years. The park, which is usually crowded with visitors throughout the week, looks deserted.

Despite the lack of visitors, the workers at Keukenhof are still working hard to care for the flowers there. Various types of tulips, narcissus, hyacinth, and sakura are still carefully preserved. Whenever social distancing ends, Keukenhof is ready to receive guests again. The absence of visitors makes the beauty of the flowers at Keukenhof even more obvious. The beautiful garden design is also clearly visible. A winding footpath surrounded by colorful flowers for example. It looks more solemn to look at. This is the blue river, a sea of ​​blue grape hyacinth flowers which is one of the most popular points to be photographed at Keukenhof. The abundant sunlight in April makes the flowers there quickly bloom. Not only flowers, but Keukenhof is also enhanced with shady trees, fountains, clear ponds, and fresh green grass.

Check them out below!


This month Keukenhof is in his best condition. The flowers bloom there almost simultaneously. This is a view perpetuated from the Keukenhof windmill. This area also includes a favorite point for visitors to take pictures.

"I’ve been photographing the tulips since forever, mostly in the countryside. I photographed them from all angles you can possibly imagine, but there was one thing that I still wanted to capture one time in my life: Keukenhof without any other people. This seemed impossible, until this year’s April 2020. With the COVID-19 virus keeping everyone at home and tourists away, I knew this was my only chance of making this happen. I contacted Keukenhof explaining what I had in mind and they were so kind to let me photograph the garden for a day", he said.


With no people around, these zig-zag paths become visible showing the attention to detail in the layout of the garden.

"When I visited the park it looked at its best. Interestingly enough, we have experienced the sunniest April EVER in the Netherlands, making all the flowers pop very fast. Photographing in broad daylight with the strong sun was a challenge. But forget about the photography for a moment: walking around there all alone, with only the sounds of birds and the incredible smell of all these flowers, is an experience by itself. I sometimes just sat next to the flowers and the water, enjoying nature for 30 minutes long. It was just a magical experience. Having no people in the park allowed me to photograph paths and angles in a certain way that you normally don’t get to see because of the crowds",.Dros expalined.


A rare species of tulips that I had not seen before.


The world-famous ‘Blue River.’ A road of blue grape hyacinths zigzagging through the trees.


In Keukenhof, you can find a bunch of classic Dutch bridges. This is one of them right at the entrance, surrounded by a sea of colorful tulips.


Did I mention the attention to detail? From the ground, I didn’t even see this, but when I flew my drone a few meters up it appeared that these were planted in the shape of a tulip flower!


Seas of tulips around my favorite area of the park: the pool with the fountain in the middle.


Lines and lines of tulips, hyacinths, and narcissus flowers in between the trees.


I love to photograph dreamy portraits of flowers, and the Keukenhof is perfect for that with its many different kinds of flowers.


My favorite places in the Keukenhof are the pools. Seeing the water reflecting the trees and flowers gives such a calm feeling. If you look closely you can see a gardener do his work. Because even with no people visiting the garden, the work goes on.


In some parts of the park, you can find endless seas of different colored tulips that together make a beautiful abstract color palette.


The little paths make harmony with the trees and different flowers all around them.


Keukenhof also has several beautiful newfangled bridges for photo backgrounds. This one bridge is near the entrance gate and is usually crowded with visitors. An image of the white bridge near the entrance of the park showing the scale of a hill with thousands of tulips that can be seen in front of it.


A low angle perspective in the part of the park that I’d like to call ‘cherry blossom garden’ where you can find dozens of cherry blossoms combined with tulips. Did I mention the smell!?


A high key portrait of the Fritillaria Imperialis flower. One of my favorite flowers in the park.


Zigzag lines of flowers, water, and paths almost looks like these scenes are dancing.


Attention to great detail of lines and shapes in which the flowers are planted is the signature design of The Keukenhof. I love how they combine these flowers with beautiful trees. And they all blossom at the same time.


Dare to be different. A white tulip with a red leaf standing out in the lot, with a viewpoint on the tulip fields in the background.


A portrait image of grape hyacinth.


Real summer vibes with green trees, blue sky, and circular shapes of tulips. It’s only spring, but this image already reminds me of summer.


I love how you can see these lines and shapes of tulips in the park.


Sun peaking through the trees in the afternoon, with the lines and paths of flowers making harmony with each other.


All the different flowers are perfect for doing macro images in the park.


One of my favorite little scenes in the park: a Japanese cherry blossom tree with a beautiful shape with a path through flowers leading up to it. It looks like a scene out of a fairytale.


My favorite area with part of the big pool on the right. Lines and shapes of tulips all pointing towards the middle.


It’s in the details with these small patches of different colored hyacinth flowers carefully places on the grass between the trees.


The flowers in Keukenhof are not planted randomly. Some of them do look like they grow naturally in the trees. But some are planted following certain patterns. Like tulips that are photographed with this drone camera.


A portrait of an interesting breed of a narcissus flower.


I really couldn’t get enough of these patches of different kinds of flowers with different colors along the paths and the trees everywhere in the park.


See-through along the walking bridges in the park with cherry blossoms on top.


Water reflecting the beauty of the trees and flowers.

Source: Bored Panda

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All images source: Albert Dros

All images credits: Albert Dros

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