Photomicrograph, Captured Great Underworld Visualization

Microscopy refers to the art of creating photographs using a microscope. The microscope creates an image called a micrograph. It produces an artistic rendering of the subject. Producing artistic images with the help of a microscope has long been practised, particularly in the 70s. Nowadays, the microscope is more than just a device used for scientific and medical reasons; it has become a new avenue for expressing artistic impressions across a variety of platforms.

Generally, an optical microscope is used in creating a micrograph or a photomicrograph. Most photographers, however, simply connect their digital camera to a microscope so that they can tale highly magnified photos of small-sized subjects. To create significant, interesting and good images, it is important for a photographer to know not only how to connect a microscope to a digital camera, but also what needs to be done in terms of techniques, style and camera dynamics.
One of mastery in this area is Justin Zoll, young but totally mastery in photomicrography, he always been extremely interested in science and technology; photomicrography seemed the perfect union of his interests. Maybe Justin Zoll not having a formal education in chemistry or photography,but with great effort and ton of passion it’s been a great way to educate himself.
“The colors in my images are the result of the use of polarizing filters. One filter goes over my light source and then another between the sample and my sensor. This polarization of light interacts with the birefringent properties of the crystals producing the colors you see. As I rotate either polarizer, I get a wide variety of color palettes, some more revealing of the crystal structures than others”.
Justin have a hope, those things very much like to give people a chance to appreciate the intricacy and beauty of nature on a scale they might not be familiar with. Sweeping landscapes and colorful creatures are, of course, beautiful, but that beauty exists on every scale. “I’m happy to be able to share my appreciation of this often unseen world.”
Source: Bored Panda, Contrastly, Justin Zoll

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