Photos and Paints Into Beautiful Narratives

Aliza Razell is a 19-year-old artist who is behind these beautiful narratives in her photographs by blending splashes of color with self-portraits to create mystifying and strange images which she herself fails to explain.


Some thoughtful moments are perfectly planned out so that the components can be naturally mixed together into meaningful stories. In order to get those elements interact in unexpected ways, Razell tries to manipulate each image so that the various photo and paint can belnd in nicely.


Surprisingly the commonly dull, monochromatic backgrounds can become have life due to the splatters of vibrant watercolors across the photographs. The images are actually part of two ongoing series, Anesidora (top four), which is inspired by the myth of Pandora’s Jar (which the artist explains is “jar,” not “box” because since the 1400s it’s been mistranslated into Latin and then English as a box).


And, she got inspiration for her second series from the Finnish word “ikävä,” meaning the feeling of missing someone/-thing.


Source: My Modern Met, Aliza Razell, Website