Photos Of The State Of Shanghai China After The outbreak Of The Corona Virus

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Photos Of The State Of Shanghai China After The outbreak Of The Corona Virus

Photographer (Nicoco)

News To date, there have been more than 40,000 reported cases of people infected with the corona virus in mainland China. For fear of contracting the virus, many Chinese people choose to spend a little time outside, making cities that were once crowded with people seem almost empty and lonely. This empty street inspired Chinese photographer Nicoco to start a project called "One Person City" - a series of photos documenting Shanghai during the spread of the virus. In fact, one of the nicoco followers commented, "Wow that's crazy !!! Feels like a zombie movie".

The corona virus only made national news after Wuhan was quarantined in late January. I started exploring a few days later, which coincided with the celebration of the Chinese New Year, "the photographer said in an interview with Bored Panda." My experience of visiting popular Chinese sites during New Year celebrations is similar to being in New York City during the New Year ball drop. It was crowded, crowded, very crowded. It was very crowded so I decided from my single experience in 2014 to never go out during vacation again. "

"My experience of living in Shanghai during a coronavirus outbreak ... [can be described as] isolation. More than people avoid areas that they think will be crowded. People have not completely left their homes," Nicoco said. about that, I greatly underestimated the memories of the Chinese people about SARS since 2002. For several days cycling, walking and riding trains around the city, most of the people I saw were cleaning staff, security officers, and cashiers. That's where Waldo is "millions of people. There are many pandemic faces, but for the most part, they don't seem to have a face at all."

Nicoco has lived in Shanghai for six years and has witnessed the city's immediate growth. "This is a rich historical place where change happens instantly. By the time I was privileged to live here, I had seen Shanghai transform from a cash-based society into a fully mobile payment," the photographer said. "Thousands of public bicycles seem to emerge from the air, and new metro stations open every year. In the 90s, people saw Tokyo as the city of the future. Today, it is Shanghai."

Nicoco said that the virus robbed Chinese people of what should have been the happiest time of the year. "People worry about illness, loved ones fall ill, lack of resources, loss of salary, and broader matters such as months of difficulties that may occur in the future," Nicoco said. "The purpose of One Person City is to capture what this fear is like: it's invisible and unknown. I sneezed and a woman two meters away glanced carefully, then took a step backward."

Nicoco said that everything had stopped for the past two weeks when the government extended national holidays. Only important businesses such as grocery stores and sanitation facilities remain open. "Everything is empty. Fresh products are actually bought. On Monday, February 10, most businesses were allowed to reopen, but the city remained empty because people remained quarantined in their homes. There was a lot of anxiety in the air," Nicoco explained. situation.

Photographers share some of their observations about class privileges: "When I tour the city and see mainly low-paid workers such as sales clerks, janitors, and security guards, that's when I realize that these people will be considered luckier than workers which has not been paid so far. point or just fired. "

But even though life in Shanghai is slowing down, it hasn't stopped completely. "One day, I cycled along a path filled with laundry that hung on every fence, pillar and tree that was seen. One day, I saw a long queue for (of all things) bubble milk tea. These are highly valued signs that despite legitimate fears and fears, life will continue and the city will eventually come back to life, "concluded Nicoco.

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All Image source:  nicoco

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