Photoshop for Imaginary Making Surreal and Humorous Object

Photoshop is a great software technology achievement, one of Californian graphic designer Randy Lewis ( uses Photoshop to combine photos of unexpected objects, creating surreal digital art that tricks the mind and eye. He likes to combine photos for a growing collection of surreal digital art that tricks the eye (and tickles the mind).
With a playful imagination and a pun-tastic sense of humor, his colorful creations in his This or That series are often literal depictions of words.

For example, a “butterfly” with wings made of butter, and a “jelly fish”, where two goldfish seemingly swimming inside molded gelatin. Other images illustrate visual associations, such as a carton of McDonalds fries that are actually yellow crayons, and a sheep with a cauliflower body.
His illustration can be a depth meaning if dragging the object to fine art scene entity values, Randy Lewis call his self specialist for logo, and brand identity.
Source: My Modern Met

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