PiggieLuv’s Creepy Halloween Nails

When Halloween comes, not only ugly and scary costumes which we need to wear but our body parts are also good targets for make ups. This time maybe it’s our nails that need creepy paints covering. Just check out for some ideas you most want.

If you really want to fix your nails in such a way that makes your Halloween become more festive this year, then try to find one at this creepy collection of macabre manicures.

PiggieLuv is a 27-year-old Dutch and self-taught nail artist who can come up with these cute nail new look. And for sure there’s nothing cuter than her devilish designs about nail stuffs.

Once she said during an interview, “I have a sick appreciation for all things thriller & horror. I had so much fun making Halloween nail art in 2014, and I’ve been making crazier designs each year. It’s my chance to go all out!”