24 AWKWARD Problems That Women Don't Really Discuss!

24 AWKWARD Problems That Women Don't Really Discuss!

Planet Prudence is an Instagrammer who hilariously illustrates everyday problems that all girls face.

Planet Prudence, an Instagram artist, uses adorable illustrations to tell us about the everyday problems life throws at us. She fearlessly tells her audience about the awkward moments she has faced and this has earned her over 659k followers on Instagram. The thing we most love about this purple-haired character who appears in every drawing is how relatable every situation is to us. 

1. Forgive me if you can!


I hope they understand.

2. Are you a shaver?


True story!

3. Hangover remedies, anyone?


Why can't we ever keep it down?

4. They lie!


That's nothing close to what we have to face!

5. Why though?


Somehow we end up looking nothing like those Instagram models!

6. Try


Making an effort has hurt no one.

7. When you know it's not real


We would like to live in denial.

8. How do they cure it?


It never works for us.

9. Heartbreaks are the toughest!


It takes time to mend a broken heart.

10. Go to hell!


We're so done!

11. Just be yourself!


It's easier with them.

12. Silky threads


The next day it's just thread.

13. As long as you're comfortable


Who cares what others think?

14. Do you like honest prudence?


We sure you do!

15. Perfection has been achieved!


Not everyone can deal with this heat.

16. Believe in yourself


The rest will fall into place.

17. Every day is a cheat day


We keep procrastinating our goals and it's never executed.

18. Such contrasting views


This is not going to work!

19. How is it different?



20. So long!


Don't you just hate your alarm clock?

21. Expectation Vs Reality


It's always perfect in our head.

22. That's not how it's supposed to look!


When will our dreams come true?

23. Let the professionals handle this


How come we never do it this perfectly?

24. We make the choice


No one can do that for us.

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