Plasma Torch And Saws To Make Cutting Edge Art

Hi, there. My name is Cindy Chinn. I am a full-time Artist and now I am trying another art form stuff. I think I’m always free and as free as a bird. I am quite well reminded how lucky I am to have a freedom to do I as choose. That wasn’t always the case in my fast paced world in a corporate art career. Now that I live in the small Village of Chester, Nebraska in a 33,000+ sq’ former School Building, I am able to fulfill my goal of being a fine artist and having the space to explore my many interests which I so happen to work in a variety of mediums.

Actually, there is something new about owning a plasma torch. I didn’t have that so I bought one! Due to my not having much experience with metal stuff, a plasma torch once before I had only tried and didn’t really know much how to carry out welding thing.

Because my first project didn’t really work well, still, I had enough of good experience about it. But for years, I kept searching and searching for torches and somehow I see prices were dropping. So now I think, “Someday I will own one.” I’m glad that the day finally arrived for me where I saw in the used welding shop for 6 months before I had time to do anything with it.

My welder friend showed me the basics of torching and I kept watching a ton of YouTube videos on how to use a plasma torch and mig welder. I believe that Youtube becomes my dear friend for many things.

Seeing some torch work on things like used shovels and wheelbarrows becomes my thing and some fancy lace designs and filigree by a couple of very talented artists can also be good reference. Then, I took a spare shovel in my tool shed.

A simple tree design with a swing is my first design, something an organic shape which lends itself a quick ‘redesign’. Then I cut shovels until I ran out of them… a plasma torch is a little addictive you know. Overall, I set out to teach myself how to use my new toys.

I had to find more stuff when I was out of material to cut up. I started looking for yard sales, and also looking for any metal that I could take a torch to.