Playful Dragon Called Drogo

When you check out a back issue of Bored Panda, you would spot the cartoon pet edition by the twin brothers named Manik and Ratan from Dhaka, Bangladesh. These twins are both cartoonists, animators and graphic artists. They keep posting their doodles almost every day on their Instagram.


And now they come up with Drogo their cartoon pet who is getting chubbier because he loves eating cupcakes and chocolates.


This Drogo, according to the twin brothers, is a little naughty as to annoy them by playing around with their hands. But what Drogo did is their favorite part of the day.


Since Drogo was born and raised in their Instagram, they keep posting adorable Drogo every day. Many fans around the world love Drogo and they patiently wait for his next appearance.

Source: Bored Panda, Manik and Ratanfacebook