These Raw Sketches Capture 'Uneasy' Adult Emotions And We Can't Unsee It!

These Raw Sketches Capture 'Uneasy' Adult Emotions And We Can't Unsee It!

Polina Barska pours her heart out on the canvas. And, her recent sketches are proof.

Polina Barska is a Parisian who enjoys replicating things and people that she comes across in his day to day life. Usually, it takes her about ten days to complete each piece flawlessly. Polina takes inspiration from various patterns, colors, the diverse number of people she sees around her. Her objective is to convey the different emotions she witnesses in every set of eyes and it's simply impressive.

1. When we were young


They never tell us about the hard times.

2. You mean the world to me


You can feel that in his embrace.

3. Lost deep in thought


Stress is the undoing of us.

4. Unforgettable moments


Each moment spent with you is magical.

5. Look away!


Nothing could be better than embracing yourself!

6. Contemplating your next move


You either want him or not.

7. Smoke it away


Don't hold onto bad feelings.

8. The fire inside me is burning bright


Nothing can hold her back.

9. Every love song ever


It starts making complete sense.

10. It was all a dream


The reality came crashing down on them.

11. Things are going to get messy


Are you a fan?

12. The perfect Friday evening


This is how we should spend it.

13. Just a simple touch


That's all you need.

14. Always keep your head held high


Don't let anyone demean you.

15. We have achieved perfection


This is the definition.

16. Blown out of proportions


Let it in.

17. Butterflies


Don't you just love this feeling?

18. When your mind is running faster than light 


Overthinking is the worst.

19. Once upon a time


Every individual has their own set of qualities.

20. Party animal


Are you ready for a night in the town?

21. Troubled mind


We just need to take it slow.

22. Just like animals


If it doesn't kill you, it'll only make you stronger

23. Everyone deserves a second chance


That's how the world works.

24. Reminiscing those good old days


Let's turn back time.

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