Polish Artist’s Installation Gives Hopes to Women Refugees

An artist from Poland by the name of Olek has returned with her noble ideas as to turn two houses into new houses of pink. Olek involved a group of volunteer to make pink crochets. It took 3 weeks for them to cover two houses with pink yarn. Actually the idea is to remember about the bombing of houses that create refugees fleeing from homes and struggling to find a place call home. This installation is supposed to symbolize a hope for those refugees.


Hope is the last thing refugees always have in mind and Olek wants to realize that. She then tried to meet a group of women refugees from Syria and Ukraine. Inspired a lot with such encounters and their stories, so when Olek was hired to build an art installation based on a traditional 19th-century Swedish home for the Verket museum in Avesta, Sweden, she thought it would be a good idea to ask them to get involved in the crocheting project.


When they sat together and talked, they happened to share photographs of the past along with their stories, memories, and everything. Olek said, “They showed me pictures of their houses — their destroyed houses.  They showed me pictures from before and after the bombs had destroyed their houses. And the women told me stories about how they ran away from war to survive. I decided to blow up my crocheted house to illustrate the current unfortunate situation worldwide, where hundreds of thousands of people are displaced.”


Because she was so affected by the women’s stories, she knew she needed to do something big to let the world know. In a visually powerful video, aptly titled In the blink of an eye, Olek exposed how fast a serene home can be bombed to wreckage. Many of the women were brought to tears.