24 Complex Struggles That Only Real Women Will Understand

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24 Complex Struggles That Only Real Women Will Understand

Polly Nor's hard-hitting illustrations serve as powerful reminders to not be too hard on yourself.

Polly Nor uses her illustration skills to celebrate women with all her fears and flaws. Tired of witnessing the objectification of women,  this artist shows her audience what an average girl would be like, and what her complex struggles really are. From heartbreaks to mistakes, all the situations shown through her work are totally bang on. That aside, she also sketches them in the light of several subjects including past relationships. Scroll through to be mesmerized.

1. Cradling the devil


She has the power to do this too.

2. Nothing's wrong with this!


We all have our urges.

3. Thinking about an ex-lover


You know it's toxic but you just can't stay away from him.

4. All we need is a helping hand


Nothing more, nothing less.

5. Stop holding on to your sh*t


It's not worth it.

6. Heroes don't wear a cape


This is an instance.

7. Distraction


We've got him, ladies!

8. Dad has other plans


Little does she know.

9. Oh, how I miss you!


It cannot be explained in words.

10. Anxiety


Don't let it get to you.

11. Nobody can be trusted


Think twice before acting.

12. You're a princess


Don't let anyone say otherwise.

13. The accepted standards of e-beauty


They get to you sooner than later.

14. Nightmares


Quit thinking about what others think of you.

15. It's going to be alright


The false hope of a bright future.

16. How to keep a man


This is truly heartbreaking!

17. Acceptance


Nothing's wrong with loving yourself the way God made you.

18. Falling in love just got darker 


What should someone do in this situation?

19. Get through this day


Just have a little faith in yourself.

20. No one has to know


It's our little secret.

21. This is life



What to wear today?

22. Hush now



Don't be scared of yourself.

23. The real woman



She's in all her glory.

24. We were in love



Not anymore.

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