Portugal Senior Citizens Create Unique Urban Art

Nothing is more unique than what has happened in a neighborhood in Lisbon, Portugal. There is this urban art workshop called LATA65 whose members are more than a hundred senior citizens. The objective of this workshop is to eliminate ageist stereotypes through wall graffiti.


LATA65 is assisted by a well-known street artist who introduces youth culture to these elderly so that they can learn about how to make graffiti and also to make their own tag. Like Mrs. Luisa one of the members chose to use the tag Armando, which is a tribute to her late husband.


LATA65 was developed by Cowork Lisboa in collaboration with Wool-Covilha Urban Art Festival in purpose of bridging the gap among generations by showing that age is not a big deal.


The elderly should also be given motivation to work on the artistic side. So hopefully by attending this workshop, they will be aware that their work can bring joy as well as to motivate the lives of other Portugal senior citizens when they witness their vibrant graffiti art.

Source: My Modern Met, LATA65, Facebook


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