Realistic Fake Facade Makes City Walls Full of Life

Is it possible when you’re going back home from a trip, you don’t recognize your home anymore? It’s very much possible. Only if a talented French street artist, Patrick Commecy has got his hands on your city walls.

street-art-realistic-fake-facades-patrick-commecy-57750cc66008a__700 (1)

He can turn your neighborhood’s wall into perfectly vibrant scene full of life. He works with his team to make murals of hyper realistic facade that a blank, boring city wall can turn its face into newly awesome walls.


To make it more interesting, Commecy and his team will play trick on the walls to look as if there were real people inside the windows, standing by the door or even watering the plants by the windows. He also paints familiar-looking people in town or just any people with their various poses in the murals that you can often mistake them for real people engaging in their daily activities.


Check out for more of his interesting hyper-realistic fake facades.

Source: Bored Panda, Patrick Commecy, Instagram

street-art-realistic-fake-facades-patrick-commecy-57750cad26012__700 (1)




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