Realistic Portraits Drawn With Charcoal on Papers

Charcoal.. Not only good to absorb dirt and excessive oil on your skin, it is also a usefull drawing tools, which could create unique end result. The pictures below are actually drew from charcoal, and the small letters on the celebrity portraits are the actual ink of newspaper.

ART IN THE NEWS – JENNIFER LAWRENCEart-in-the-news-01Image by: Michael Cross

Yes indeed.. They are painted on newspaper. Look how those letters create an artistic view of the portraits, other than that, another message here is also being delivered here are quite powerful; the fact how news and celebrity are insaparable.

Source : Boredpanda, MichaelCrossArt.

ART IN THE NEWS – MARILYN MONROEart-in-the-news-02Image by: Michael Cross

ART IN THE NEWS –  RYAN GOSLINGart-in-the-news-03Image by: Michael Cross

ART IN THE NEWS – ELIZABETH TAYLORart-in-the-news-04Image by: Michael Cross

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