Relaxing Nuances in Reza Illustration

His long name is Reza Dwi Setyawan. His nickname is Kribkrib or Maskrib. The reason is, once time, in the first semester of his lecture at Visual Communication Design of Solo State University, the artist from Boyolali, Central Java, Indonesia has brown hair of kribo broccoli. Mascrib’s illustrations are very distinctive, both in the form of characters, color choices, and themes of work.
“If I try to traced my style from the beginning began to seriously make illustrations, I am several times mutually changes my image style. Well, for the current style today I need about two years for make it”said Maskrib, he recently graduated of his major.

Nuance of illustration is simple, fun and dominated by bright colors. Maskrib often displays characters, a lot, hell, normal human, but occasionally appear also ‘man-tranformastion’, the zebra-headed and dog-headed.
Concerning the theme, Maskrib often describes the everyday atmosphere in public places. Often he really likes to convey his criticism of lifestyle through texts that presented in corner side of his illustration. One thing for make it sure, we got to see the illustration of the Maskrib, we can really feel relaxed nuances. Moreover, in one of his works he took the ‘Slow’ theme, it’s means this theme to remind us not to rush into 24 hours a day.
“(The atmosphere) people and anything else I like,” the story of a big fan of artists with similar style illustrations with him, Jeremyville, Andy Rementer and Eddie Hara.

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