Remarkable Installation Symbolizing Neural Links in the Brain

Just last year Chiharu Shiota strung 50,000 keys along the thread overwhelmed the ceiling of the gallery. But actually she is known for her intricate, remarkable installations showing meditation on the human brain and memory.


This time she also stuns the audience with her awe-inspiring fashion called Uncertain Journey, an on-site special exhibit showing a thick net of scarlet-colored yarn clouding above skeletal boats. Here he wanted to signify the web of thread has its own life.


Although it’s steady, the denser yarns seem to be in motion, giving an impression that they are encircling the space in one wonderful pack. This only indicates the neural link in the brain and also the exterior of the body cause an unrest feeling.


Shiota tries to disclose that the tangled yarn can signify that our exterior part and the notion of fate remain very complex ideas as shown by the yarn.


 Now Uncertain Journey is being exhibited at Blain|Southern in Berlin through November 12, 2016.

Source: My Modern Met, Chiharu ShiotaWorks