Romain Thiery - Captured An Abandoned Theater In Italy, Very Interesting Trip!

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Romain Thiery - Captured An Abandoned Theater In Italy, Very Interesting Trip!


Romain Thiery - photographer from France, born in the southwest of France in 1988 and passionate about beautiful images. He has an Instagram account followed by around 18.6 k, wrote on boredpanda presents his experiences again during his trip in Italy for 11 years, and what he found?

"I very early specialized in urban exploration photography. This region, with its rich history, is full of wonders that have now been abandoned. It all started there, following in the footsteps of my mother who, a few years before me, had already begun to record this forgotten heritage. Since 2009, I have been traveling around Europe in search of forgotten pianos. This journey gives me the chance to visit and photograph unique abandoned places—from villas to palaces".

"You will find here photographs taken in Italy between 2014 and 2020. These buildings are gigantic for the most part: hotels, orphanages, hospitals. An immense space, overwhelming in size, it's impossible not to feel vulnerable in front of these majestic giants. Yet, I know the outside of these enchanting monsters well—I spent hours on street view, I studied the satellite view upstream. I know their size, their function: they have welcomed travelers, abandoned children or sick people. But what's inside these edifying surprises? I don't know yet".

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"Abandonment, oblivion, the exploration of the unusual then became my fascination. I plunge into these spaces that everyone thinks are empty, and I stroll for hours. This is the goal of my art—to conquer those parts of life that people think are dead and capture these incredible places with my camera. The abandoned places that I am looking for have to meet the criteria that serve my artistic approach. I want to stay intact with this peaceful atmosphere so that the atmosphere, the textures, the light that permeate these places stand out in the eyes of the curious when looking at my art".

"The entrances are often harder to spot. I spend some time outside, admire the construction and go around several times, always being careful not to be spotted. The adrenaline rushes. There have been times when I have not been able to get in. In that case, I don't force the doors, don't break the windows. If no entry is possible without an act of vandalism, then I turn around and tell myself that that's how it is, despite, I admit, a certain bitterness".

"I have discovered wonders that still make me dream today, places full of stories, of change, most of them doomed to collapse. Some of them are now being renovated, and some projects are coming to fruition. A new life for these places, which may no longer make me happy but will make hundreds of other people happy".

"I often spend a whole day in these places, because of the vastness and the time to adapt to the present atmosphere. When I leave the building, my mind is as full as my camera. I feel like I have undergone a new journey, my journey, the one where I feel free".

"During past years, I have won international photography awards in different competitions and photography festivals including Photographer of The Year at Moscow International Foto Award, the Israel Photography Festival, Indian Photography Festival, Festival photo de Chabeuil, and Uzes Photography Festival in France. My solo exhibitions have been seen in many countries such as the United States, Israel, Norway, Germany, Slovenia, France, India, Bangladesh, Spain, Netherlands, and United Kingdom".

"Check out my previous posts from my "Requiem pour pianos" series  here here , and  here Here here , and  here  you can find photos of fascinating forgotten places I have stumbled upon on my journey".

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