Rooms with Dazzling Kaleidoscopic Installation

Asae Soya is a Japanese artist who can mischievously utilize light and color to make dazzling images that can turn any space into different forms. What made Soya able to do all this is because she has all the skills she needs to set up the installation work.  Using only stark white walls, she can turn ordinary rooms into gleaming fairylands with reflective decals and dancing rays of light.

Besides her skills in installation work, Soya also got the skills from her formal training as a painter and she is also skilled in drawing and video art, which she often combines into mixed media masterpieces, like her stunning series of animated psychedelic projections.

Soya makes videos and luminous animations collected from water-esque reflections, moving plains of color and abstract forms.  Actually, she got the inspiration from her own paintings. Soya then projects these big size pictures to the ceilings, the floors and the walls of a space producing the dreamy and luminous installations.

She once mentioned in her website, “The video can awaken not only viewers’ visual senses but also their physical sensations.”