Ruffles of Paper Sculptures Floating Overhead

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Ruffles of Paper Sculptures Floating Overhead

Peter Gentenaar is a Netherland-based sculptor who is actively developing his delicate organic sculptures which will move around overhead. He makes his sculptures from pieces of paper. He would then suspend those large scale paper pieces from the ceiling to make surreal abstract bursts of colorful clouds.

Actually, before he raised the sculptures to hang, he submerged the paper or cloth in water for some time. To create each unique sculpture, Gentenaar starts with a two-dimensional sheet that he lays out and let them dry up. Each sheet of paper should be thin but strong. He would reinforce them with ribs of bamboo in order to take shape.

He got help from Jo Persoon at the Royal Dutch Paper Factory where he learned to build his own beater that produces the kinds of long fiber papers that he wants. Gentenaar's love of paper, and feel unhappy with commercial papers, led him create his own system for paper production.

As the paper shrinks by up to 40 percent, they would pull and stretch the bamboo frame and turn into any shapes which cascade throughout a room in a curling ruffle of colors.

H/T My Modern Met

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