20+ Strange Comics About Adult Life That Are Painfully Relatable!

20+ Strange Comics About Adult Life That Are Painfully Relatable!

Sarah Andersen is an Instagram artist who regularly conjures up a series of light-hearted comics, which also hold a great deal of truth. No matter how boring a situation is, Sarah makes it better with her incredible sense of humor.

Sarah Andersen is the hilarious mind behind Sarah Scribbles. It's a possibility that you might already know her because she has over 3 million followers on her Instagram. For those of you who don't already know, Sarah creates some of the most hilarious comics inspired by mundane activities that are performed every day. She pumps life into each of these boring activities, like getting out of bed or entering the bathroom and the like. To get you started, we have a bunch of her relatable artworks that'll leave you wanting for more.

1. The crab life chose her


Most of us would be sloths.

2. The confusion


 It can be tough.

3. Unrealistic expectations


Why on earth would you assume that?

4. For the love of dreams


Damn! We must be looking so stupid!

5. I could always finish it later


How come that day never arrives?

6. It went from 0 to creepy in 2 seconds!


This is what it actually feels like.

7. The sky is the limit!


Go crazy!

8. Back for vengeance


You can't get away with this!

9. Play it cool, Sarah


It's not that hard!

10. Unwelcomed thoughts


Why are bad jokes the way they are?

11. We do it anyway


It's a scary world out there.

12. Nooooooo!


Scared much?

13. We don't need you!


Go away!

14. That explains a lot!


We had our suspicions!

15. A recipe for disaster


I cannot witness this!

16. Dreams do come true


Her comics are so adorable!

17. You've chosen the wrong home, plant!


So long my friend!

18. Woah!


That's too graphic for us!

19. There's no harm in peeking


Face it! You just can't stay away from social media.

20. I think I'm going to marry you


Doesn't he look like her future husband?

21. True story


The comparison is hilarious!

22. Please be together!


This is oddly relatable!

23. Makes sense?


Why are we the way we are?

24. Poor guy!


It's always good for the ladies!

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