Satirical Cartoons Showing Shocking Reality

Hi everyone. We are two Romanian cartoonists who would like to share our satirical view about our modern world for over 30 years. Actually, our cartoons represent our views on relevant topics, such as immorality, people sins, shallowness, war or politics.

As a matter of fact we have attended more than 400 International Cartoons Contests in 60 countries. And we could win 102 prizes in 27 countries.

Even though our work has been acclaimed by the art community and won many prizes, our main goal is to bring attention to touchy subjects.

Actually, we are the owner of And we are also the first Romanian cartoonist who started drawing on computer. And with the international cartoon contest, actually we are the founder of HumoDEVA, an International Cartoon Contest. We have Eight personal books published and more 300 children’s books translated, adapted and published.

Source: Bored PandaFacebook, Horia Crisan