Scrapped Bicycle for Artworks

Chain it’s really flexible material, some artist make two and three dimensional artwork from chain bicycle, and one of simple and easiest technique is making bike chain into two dimensional artwork for displaying hanging at the wall.

Graphic designer and cyclist Jennifer Beatty has found a way to bridge her two identities in a creatively-challenging way. Her series 100 Hoopties is a design project where every day for 100 days she recreates an iconic poster design with scrapped bicycle parts. The images are a way that the avid cyclist can upcycle her collection of bike-related objects and use her artistic skills to create something that’s unusual, engaging, and fun.
Using bike chains, cables, inner tubes, and other parts, Beatty forms the contours of icons in popular culture. The chains seem to be especially helpful for crafting a bold outline, while things like red reflectors add accent color. It’s incredible that she’s able to use these unconventional items to so accurately depict our favorite Internet memes, classic albums, and famous artworks.

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