Sculptures Can Tell What Two People Share When in Connection

Sometimes, we may wonder what it is like the relationship between two people when they are connecting and what they might be sharing. In the ‘Reflected’ exhibition by artist Tracey Starsfield, we can get the answer to that question. Here in the exhibit, she displayed some of her pieces of figurative sculptures showing two humans sitting in meditative pose across from each other connected with numerous bold black wires forming an intricate pattern along their bodies.


The connecting wires represent the deep and powerful energy being exchanged between the two people. And that the distinct aspect of the sculptures showcase deeper meaning behind their own personal relationship.


In the Momentum Catalogue, Starsfield said, “”I want to portray the layers of the human subconscious and the psyche as they exist within us. Through figurative art work I have connected the internal workings of our mind with the exterior.”


For the sculptures she uses resin, paint, fiberglass, and vinyl, and for the strings connecting the two sculptures she uses a number of bold black wires.

Source: My Modern Met, Tracey Starsfieldfacebook