Self-Taught Artist Got Painting Skills When Curing His Sick Dog

Darren Reid, a painter from Derbyshire has an ingenuity to master a remarkable and bizarre technique in painting. This raises his skills up to a hyper realistic level allowing him to create photorealistic scenery of extensive landscapes, peaceful seascapes or even busy cityscapes.


Due to his impressionist skills, when looking closely at his work, the layer of acrylic detail and the blend of colors may simply fool us. His work like plain country houses or industrial pavements may look so real that we will feel as if the real scape were before our very eyes.


Actually his painting skills came a bit later in his life as he had to take care of his sick dog. So, Reid was housebound for two years as he had to inject his dog with insulin every eight hours, therefore, he had much time to work with his painting gears and acrylic sets. Soon, he finds himself take on painting seriously four days a week. Eventually, his life is transformed and painting has become his real profession. Plus One London, one of the world’s leading hyperrealist galleries offers to represent him as his work of Low Winter Sun became one of 23 paintings nominated for John Ruskin Prize in 2014.


Having been interviewed by Derbyshire Life, he said he was shocked but at the same time proud of his achievement. According to him, his life has changed to the better after three years and a half of picking up a brush and started a career as a painter. He feels that what happened to him is more than what he ever wanted in life, even if one day he can’t sell any more paintings, he will still be passionate to paint.

Source: My Modern Met, Darren Reid, Instagram



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