Designers Of These Bathtub Tray Ads Clearly Don't Know What Women Want!

Designers Of These Bathtub Tray Ads Clearly Don't Know What Women Want!

These advertorials are proof that logic and marketing don't always go hand in hand.

If you've heard of bathtub trays, then I'm sure you must have contemplated the necessity of such bizarre advertisement posters. For those of you who don't know what a 'bathtub tray' is, well it's simply an extended board with several compartments that come in handy while you're taking a bath. So, if they're so useful why are we raging on about it you ask? Well, it's often because of the contents that are present that, um, are totally unnecessary.


There's an array of assorted items from a flower vase, to a bowl of salad. Oh, let's not forget the iTab accompanied by a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, an empty mug and of course a phone. After looking at this ad, we couldn't help but wonder who was the creative genius behind its promotion? One thing's for sure, they have no clue about what women do in a bathroom.



While it has been claimed that women are way better at multi-tasking than their opposite sex, but seriously how many sets of arms and brains do they possess? It's impossible for an average woman to do everything at the same point of time. Sharon Su, a Classical pianist, was the one who brought this ridiculous plight of the company to Twitter's attention.



According to Su, no one has the time or patience to arrange for a bunch of miscellaneous items before drawing a bath. It's hard enough to have some 'alone time' in today's busy world. Moreover, how could they complicate such a relaxing activity as taking a bath? She shared some of these images on her Twitter account along with a small note that is hilarious AF!



After Su's posts went viral people started coming with their own take on the use of such a ridiculous tray.

This exaggerated instance is exactly what Su meant!


@HeyTraceyFacey reveals what really goes down.


@dexter_doggie takes trolling to the next level with this picture.


How can you not question the authenticity of this situation, right?

@markseifer01 takes us back to history and proves how it's been going on for years now.


Nothing can escape the observant eye of @joffeorama!


See how she busted them?

However, if you are one of those people who love destressing themselves while taking a long bath, you shouldn't push away the thought of getting one of these. They sure are handy and could be really useful to safely keep a book or a glass of wine. If you're in the habit of using some electronic gadget, which most of us are, they could be really useful.


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