She Can Fall into a Trance for Make Done Artworks

Old map, Classical tree house and silent ambiance if we looking at Olivia Kemp’s works, we will be taken on a mystical and old atmosphere. She built layer by layer soft tone lines notation into depth and darker area with fully totally detailed.

We can feel how hard work, patiently and persistence she had focus to her work.
“I draw in order to make sense of landscape but also to construct and re model it. I build worlds and imaginary places that grow out of a need to interpret the sites that I have known, expanding and developing them across a page. This encompasses everything, from the visions of a grand landscape right down to the details of the land, the plants and creatures that may inhabit it.”(
Using pen and ink, each gigantic artwork can take months to complete. Kemp admits that while she’s working on them, she can fall into a trance-like state, allowing the drawing to develop naturally. Man-made structures are often integrated into the landscapes—tree-house villages wrap around tall trees and historic buildings are dotted among hillsides. Some pieces look like traditional Toile fabric—as such one piece entitled The Archipelago—where individual log-cabin islands are composed in repeat patterns. Kemp explains: “It’s the best feeling, when a drawing starts to find its feet.” She’s often surprised when she stands back to observe the final result (mymodernmet).

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