She Paints Her Face to Look Like Celebrities

You can’t tell the difference between Lucia Pittalis and Captain Jack the Sparrow or between her and Hulkamania when she put on her make-up to imitate those celebrities. Lucia Pittalis is a painter as well as a make-up artist, a music lover and also a big fan of celebrities in cinemas or theatres. That’s what makes her able to impersonate famous public figures with her make-up as well as painting skills.


She could blend her desires in portraits and make-up when she turns herself into some famous characters by pushing her make-up technique to the limit. She admitted that she didn’t use any help of prosthetic appliances.


For her creations, she prepared anything needed to duplicate characters with her own possibilities, starting from the accessories, photos, movies, videos and even the music. She bought old stuff like wigs and anything goes for fittings at market. The photos are for her to study about the characters, and the videos for her to study the characters’ traits.


And she really needs the music to play as background music to put her in the mood as she will blissfully start the job of transforming herself into the characters watching her in the mirror for hours. How do you think she looks after her make-up job is done?

Source: Bored Panda, Lucia Pittalis, Instagram