She Shifted Pathway Study and Follow Her Passion

Diela Maharanie, a dreamer who likes to make illustrations. In his childhood, Diela is very active with ton of activities. She was studied karate, ballet, math tutoring, and became a little journalist. After graduated from high school Diela studied in the Faculty of Economic. At that time she was realized her life vision didn’t have any pathway or purpose because it was not hes desire studied Economic, so finally Diela dropout her study. Fortunately Diela’s husband introduced her to the world of scene illustration. In this situation Diela decides becoming a professional illustrator.

“To me it’s kinda a big decision that would change my life entirely,” Diela said.
Diela begins the making of a work by fantasizing and letting her mind flow and drifting. Diela is classified as adaptive as an illustrator. She really likes using wacom (digital drawing tool), as well as watercolor (traditional). Frida Kahlo’s works have influenced Diela as an illustrator. In 2010 Diela attended the exhibition with 13 world illustrators in Paris, Marseille, and Toulouse.
When we glance at the results of her artwork, there must be something distinctive in each work. Strong portrayal of characters backed with fresh colors is certainly two components that make Diela Maharani’s artwork more attractive but depth and mysterious. The depiction of the theme that she chose was very unique as it works with the will of the heart. Categories in his blog also greatly reflects that. Starting from how she was describes the dream, fantasy and various other imagination, using illustrations and painting.
Source : Diela Blog

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