Shimmering Hair Creations

Hair styles have developed into many different forms and shapes. The latest maybe using the hair as canvas to draw designs and colors from from hidden rainbow hair to shimmering mermaid locks. A hair stylist named Aliya Askarova from St. Petersburg is adding her own creation to the combination, where she will shave the back of her clients’ heads to make hidden illustrations.


Actually, Askarova is also the creative director of Image Studio Denis Osipov. She begins her creations by shaving the desired image before dying the hair with electric colors to make the image really pop.


Those who enjoy keeping little secrets close will fit her hidden illustration hair style. The illustration is painted on the head like a tattoo, yet covered up under your hair—holding up to be uncovered to the world when you’re prepared to show it.


But more customers prefer to have their own selections as they can decide and request image to be shaved on their heads. Luckily, Askarova has a wide range of talents which allow her to design standard animals like whales, cats, and foxes and also more bizarre images as well, like aliens and cartoon characters.