Ship Containers are Cages for ROA’s Animals

Another interesting story about a street artist is coming from ROA. As a street artist, he is also known for his realistic, bigger-than-life murals of animals.


And it seems that he took his capacity up the next level by attending the North West Walls Festival in Belgium. There he was to paint in the city of Werchter where he used unusual canvas for his black-and-white illustrations. The unusual canvas turns out to be stacks of shipping containers. Amazing right?


Rather than on cement walls his piece of monochromatic giraffe, goat, bear, and more are painted on those stacks of containers. Those seven containers stacked on top of each other, with two that make up its base seem to be perfect to call as an impressive display.


With ROA’s ingenious placement, those rectangular vessels are soon be transformed into cages as the animals clearly seen behind bars and enchained.