Simple Brush Creates Awe-inspiringly Lifelike Animals

You will be awed to see what Adam S Doyle has done to a blank canvas. Only by striking his simple brush to the canvas, he ends up completing his paintings of vivid creatures like stoic foxes, howling wolves and birds in flight. Doyle could do such a thing since he seems to have all the innate ability to make those mystical images alive.


Amazingly enough, he doesn’t need to do initial sketching on his canvas like what other painters would normally do. All he needs just allow his hand to work so naturally on the painting as his paintbrush touches down the canvas.


What makes it more interesting is that Doyle completes his piece as if he were doing a storytelling, by making his subjects have a life.


When asked how he gets inspirations for his art, he puts it, “My work always begins with a love for the magic of creation – the blank surface transformed into a living thing or another world. This act has been with mankind forever and yet never ceases to be awe-inspiring. I always want my marks to be visible, to keep this sense of wonder present. I’m committed to making images that speak truth to power, that provide space to breathe, and that use simple forms to reveal and make accessible the heart of stories.”

Source: My Modern Met, Adam S Doyle, Instagram