Simple Food Art for Depth Idea about World and Humanity

A recent article reported that picky eaters become more accepting of new foods, when they are given the opportunity to play with their food! However, if you not creative at all. Literally, not one single bone in this body is a creative one. So, do what many moms like would do, maybe turn to others for inspiration!
Whenever we share fun food art, or food crafts, we always get hundreds of parents exclaiming: Who has time?

it’s wonder why they would be hiding out in the kitchen creating artistic plates full of food. To separate kids meal and others family members, that’s like taking your child’s coloring book, coloring it for them, and then handing them the finished product, every kids get find inspiration through fun pictures, books, pinterest, websites, and more.
These days food is a quite popular object to photograph – Instagram and Facebook are full of people sharing their meals every day. Michele Baldini from Mexico is one of those guys who shares his breakfast with the world, the only difference is that there’s no doubt his account is worth a follow!
The food artist uses only eggs to create amazing things with his spatula – from pop culture references and landscapes to recreations of famous artworks, such as Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.” Scroll down for, as the artist says himself, a life-changing eggsperience!
OK , not too shabby! Seriously, when you have a picture to copy, the rest is just fun The kid that made this with me is 12 years old.. but he not only does he want to make more from the book, but he ate the entire plate.
Source: Bored Panda, Instagram

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