Simple Pen Drawing’s in Realistic Content

Pen is one of simple material for artist, it’s really common for contemporary artist and many pen or ballpoint with edge of technology gave some options for improvement and encouraging artist for making artwork.
Fineliner tips may be made of plastic or hard felt. Plastic tips are more durable, but both felt and plastic can be damaged by too much writing pressure. Use a light hand to prevent tips from fraying or distorting. In our experience, there is no consistent difference between the degree of smoothness provided by the two materials.

Regardless of which material they are made of, fineliner tips should be firm with a very small amount of give. This balance of flexibility and hardness lets them form consistent lines while being used at natural writing angles. All fineliners have needle points that can be used flush against a straightedge.
Rebecca McDonald doing art work in her spare time being interior designer, her idea mostly about daily routine but in different like dark humour for her. Contrast and tense humanity with technology, sometimes human just being a robot or just consume a technology, so being a humanize and civilized is one of best effort for make it worth.

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