Single Sheets of Paper Turned Into Stunning Cut Designs

Pippa Dyrlaga is the Yorkshire-based artist behind this exquisite paper art.  Looking at her piece, her cutting is beyond the other paper artists. She could transform simple sheets of paper into extraordinarily delicate and exceptionally elaborate works of art using nothing but a pencil and a scalpel. Check out her piece here.


After dabbling in the art of silhouette-making, Dyrlaga fell in love with the craft as an art student in 2010. But eventually she turned her attention to more subtle and intricate projects.


Her great attention to detail and unlimited patience are obvious in each of her creations; from fragile hand-lettering to birds with wings as light as lace, her chosen subject matter signifies her high skills and stable hand.


In order to come up with each of her amazing piece, she would first sketches a mirror-image of her preferred pattern on a piece of paper, giving special attention to where she should precisely make each cutting. Then using an X-Acto knife, she would carefully cut along the outlines of her drawing, and to reveal a clean and crisp cutout, she would then finish the job by flipping it over.