Beautiful Lake of Situ Gunung - Acrylic Painting (Acrylic on Cardboard) By Veri Apriyatno

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Beautiful Lake of Situ Gunung - Acrylic Painting (Acrylic on Cardboard) By Veri Apriyatno

Since one of the longest suspension bridge was built in Indonesia, the Situ Gunung Lake tourism area is now crowded by the public, especially by Instagram users. How not, this bridge presents extraordinary landscape views. Including from the Gede Pangrango National Park (TNGP) area. The 150-meter-high bridge also stretches quite far which is 240 meters long.

Situ Gunung Lake , Cisaat Sukabumi - West Java-Indonesia is one of the beautiful natural attractions and is the main attraction in Situ Gunung that is most visited by tourists. To reach this lake you have to walk around 1 km or 20 minutes from the entrance. Just follow the signboard there or you can ask the clerk where the lake is located. Anyway, from the entrance immediately turn to the left. There are the camping facilities, there is also a Loop Trail area that you can go through for hiking while enjoying nature.

You will see the vast lake surrounded by pine trees on the slopes of the big Pangrango mountains. The best time to go to this lake is at sunrise and sunset, because the weather is very good for taking photos or so that the inspiration for the painter. That's why artist Veri Apriyatno tried to paint to express the beauty of this lake!

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During 1.9 KM or 1.5 hours drive, you will see the Cimanaracun waterfall as a bonus.

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