These Dark Sketches On Sleep Paralysis Hallucinations Will Make You Uneasy

These Dark Sketches On Sleep Paralysis Hallucinations Will Make You Uneasy

This post is unsettling on multiple levels. And, the plight of those suffering from the condition is brilliantly captured.

People who have experienced sleep paralysis know how twisted and horrifying it can be. During such an episode a person is mentally conscious but they are unable to speak or talk. The worst part in some cases are the hallucinations that people experience initially. Trapped in a conscious dream-like state can be very scary and several artists have captured this tricky condition with perfection. You'd be surprised and spooked out after going through the different versions of sleep paralysis. 

1. Midnight monsters


It's a trick.

2. Stop haunting me!


Staying awake is not the solution.

3. It's getting closer


It's so hard to wake yourself up.

4. The demon inside


It can take any form and shape.

5. The weight on your chest


This is what it is.

6. Eyes wide open


There's no escaping this.

7. Around the corner


According to the artist, it is a manifestation of her inner issues and fear.

8. The world stands still


You can't even pretend to be asleep.

9. Buried under terror


It's not that easy to let the weight off.

10. Who are you?


The worst part is remembering every detail.

11. Helpless


This is how the artist feels.

12. Leave me alone!


It's just a phase.

13. Here they enter


And panic sets in.

14. Image of terror


This is the exact replica of what the victim saw.

15. You feel like you're being choked


Another example illustrated by an artist.

16. You seem to be an insignificant piece in this puzzle


It's a scary puzzle!

17. It's no fun


The fear is real.

18. Unwelcomed Visitors


They take you by surprise every time.

19. It's an inexplicable feeling


You have to experience it to understand the feeling.

20. You're awake while your body is asleep


This is a very tough situation to handle all by yourself.

21. Why me?


The question you keep asking yourself until it gets over.

22. Desperate times


The artist combines domestic abuse with sleep paralysis.

23. Loneliness


You can never prepare yourself enough for this.

24. They sense fear


Don't give into it.

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