Smart and Funny Miniature of Daily Routine

The whole world admires the incredible photos of a Hungarian photographer that are extremely strange in a positive sense. reports that Péter Csákvári, a Hungarian photographer, has conquered the world by his photos about miniature figures set in different situations. Now he reveals how this brilliant idea was born!
The Hungarian photographer snaps shots of miniature figures appearing in an unusual, funny or sometimes grotesque backgrounds with his macro lens camera.

His project is named Tiny Wasteland and it enjoys such great popularity, that even the Daily Mail and the Bored Panda shared his photos, as we have reported. In an interview given to, he revealed that it was in 2013 when he started to deal with food photography. Later on, his camera was stolen, and he was annoyed by being a political journalist working for Magyar Nemzet. Eventually, he found himself working in Normandy with some friends, and while working there, he bought a new macro lens camera.
There is a manufacturer who regularly provides the little, but very expensive figures to him free of charge in exchange for a bit of advertisement and for using his photos in their catalogues. So far, people used his pictures for finding employment, while others asked his help for popularising a restaurant. In addition to this, he is currently in collaboration with the Miniversum and other international brands, like the IKEA.
Péter Csákvári plans to write a book shortly, but it can wait since the next important event in his life is going to be an exhibition of his works at the Budapest Spring Festival. We cannot wait to get to know more of his works.
Source: Bored Panda, Facebook, DailyNews Hungary

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