Smoldering Urban Landscape; Beauty in Decay

Brian Mashburn is a brilliant painter behind these exquisite paintings of crumbling lands and damaged cities. As an artist his grade is already so high that he can make those ruined smoldering urban areas to look as beautiful as they are haunting.


Look at the way Mashburn illustrates the landscape with heavy sky and those leafless branches against a smoldering. Those scenes don’t only give you an eerie feeling but also make you aware that it’s very important to keep and protect our environment in order not to become the ones depicted in his piece.


In his work, we can see clearly an animal or person trying to make sense of what’s around them. It may seem miserable and distressing, but Mashburn can still offer a flicker of hope, so there are patches of blue sky and white clouds amid the sepia tones, blacks, and grays.


Mashburn concentrates on creating pieces of art exploring landscapes where excessive exploitation of the earth, the ever expanding urban environment and population explosion.