Twitter Is Going Gaga Over This 'PUN'tastic Idea. Here's Why!

Twitter Is Going Gaga Over This 'PUN'tastic Idea. Here's Why!

The #snackbook challenge is an online trend, which is going viral for obvious reasons! This post promises some serious chuckles! Scroll away!

A game of puns was started by Barnes & Noble on their Twitter account.  They asked the audience to help them make it a trend by adding a hashtag #snackbooks. Twitterati pounced on the chance of participating in this new intellectual challenge. Things quickly escalated from there and resulted in an epically hilarious battle of the words. Here are some of the best responses given by people.

1. Not the Cuckoo's nest


Things change so rapidly.

2. We saw that coming!


This is a crazy idea though!

3. OMG! We're crying!


Imagine if Taco Bell was indeed there.

4. The 'crepe'iest of them all!


This is fun!

5. Lord of (the onion)Rings

Remember that you're the sole protector of them!

6. Goodnight moon

They just had to add the pie.

7. Join the Skittle Women!


Now that's brilliant.

8. Talking is for amateurs


Taco all the way!

9. Let the games begin!


You either win or you lose a scone.

10. No changes required


Isn't it the best?

11. All the king's men

Burger King's also in the game!

12. Discover the air pockets!


Now that would be a rather boring trip.

13. War is futile


Go green! 

14. You've got to keep an eye!


Don't you overcook it!

15. Too many pies around!


He could do better.

16. Get over it!


He's a lost cause.

17. Don Quixote


Chipotle is so much better!

18. The sun also rises


It sure does!

19. Animal Crackers Farm

Don't you love your animals this way?

20. I'd love me some french fries!

Or should we call him Harry Pita?

21. It was meant to be a club


Not a sandwich!

22. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?


Yes, they do!

23. What a clever addition!


A Thousand Splendid Suns that you've never seen before.

24. A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again


But let's talk about food first.

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