So Much Love for Paper Cutting by Japanese Artist

If you love paper cutting, visit the website of Japanese artist by the name Mr. Riu. You will love his collections since they are all reflecting love, peace, nature and human connection. That’s not all, his creations are very detailed and show extraordinary complexity. To make it more amazing, he did the cutting all by hand only with his craft knife.


Mr. Riu’s piece is mostly focusing on delicate patterns and intricate mandalas using a Zen tangle technique. That’s why they are so highly structured and giving a long look at them will surely make us feel strangely hypnotized by them.


But when thinking about how complicated it must have been creating such intricate patterns, we can imagine how much patience is needed to put into them.


As he mentioned in his Instagram, mr. Riu put it, “It’s not that I can do it because I originally have a great patience. I think that my patience grow stronger gradually because I want to do it.”