Soldier’s Sketchbooks Reveal a Visual Diary

Victor Lundy is then a 21-year old soldier who could record almost all breathtaking war-life he experienced as he was in the army during the World War II. He managed to document any important scenes in the form of documentary sketches. Check out some of his awesome sketches picturing what he witnessed during the war.

It is most likely that in Lundy’s inner part runs a true blood of natural painter because he seemed to find a creative outlet regardless what circumstances he was in, including times of war.

Thanks to the steady hand of making documentary sketches and the creative passion to keep drawing, which is for Lundy, drawing is sort of synonymous with thinking. He believes that thinking of drawing means we are left with an intimate archive of sketches that reveal one’s experience on any lines of duty.

About his formal education, Lundy was actually studying architecture in New York. Since he was fascinated with the idea of rejuvenating a post-war Europe, he registered himself  in the Army Special Training Program.