Son’s Drawings into Reality are Both Creepy and Hilarious

If you are a dad who loves to see your children grow their drawing talent really well, you should be able to make their drawings somehow realized in a much better and adorable kind of real things. Like their common kids drawings of lions, zebras, boats or bizarre dinosaur robots should be recreated into their real world counterparts. Just check out what this Dad has done to his kid’s drawings.

Dom is just six years old but he likes to draw very much. The amazing thing about him is that he already has his own Instagram account and he quite often puts all his favorite drawings there. Lucky him, that his Dad helped him recreate his plain kind of drawings into real piece.

With a dose of digital magic and a little bit of humor, Dom’s dad managed to recreate his mini masterpieces into their real world counterparts which Dom then find them more amusing than his own drawings.

His dad have created adorable alternate universe filled with the types of things we could only dream of. From lions, lemurs and zebras to boats, bikes and bizarre dinosaur robots can be easily done with the help of a magic mashing technique.

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