Artist REVEALS The Crippling Side Of His Mental Illness; And It's Really Disturbing!

Artist REVEALS The Crippling Side Of His Mental Illness; And It's Really Disturbing!

Sow Ay's illustrations are stark reminders of the trauma that most of us silently endure, while harboring mental illnesses.

Sow Ay has been living under a cloud of gloom for as long as he can remember. His mental condition takes him to a dark and weird headspace which requires a lot of effort to get out of. Soon he found a respite from all these bitter thoughts by focusing on a creative channel: drawing. With the help of these illustrations, he explains how unimaginably bad things can get. 

1. Hello, darkness!


It's that one friend you're not very fond of.

2. Mixed signals


When the world around you is doing nothing to help.

3. Tough spot


It must be killing you to put her through this.

4. The literal meaning


This is exactly how he feels.

5. Somebody to lean on


You need to believe them in order to be of help.

6. Keep yourself occupied


This is the only thing that will keep you going.

7. Why is the end so sad?


Is this what we are working towards?

8. Fleeting thoughts


They come and go.

9. Unreasonable solutions


It's all in your head.

10. Don't overthink it


Don't give into what he wants from you.

11. No one will know


This is what the weight feels like.

12. It's not as simple as it may sound


You need to get over this.

13. They had a good day


Let's not make it a habit for them.

14. It's not an exaggeration


You need to understand this.

15. The unbearable heat


You can't get over this pain.

16. Go away dark thoughts!


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You're not needed here right now.

17. Who needs friends like them?


Thanks for asking!

18. He is your only constant


This is really sad!

19. Leave me alone


The resounding cry of agony.

20. Make it stop!


How do you help someone with such issues?

21. School is never fun!


Always remember that it's not your fault.

22. You would think so!


People often misjudge them.

23. When will it stop following me?


You shouldn't be embracing it.

24. The constant battle


You're constantly fighting for yourself.

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