Spectacular Glow-In-The-Dark Galaxy on the Ceiling

Crispin Young Wilson is a server hardware repairer who can put her side hobby to good use as she got invited to her friend’s house and informed that her friend’s son always refuses sleeping in his own room. That’s what makes Wilson think that her painting hobby can come in handy. Then she created this charming glow-in-the-dark galaxy fixed on the ceiling of the young boy’s room.

Interestingly enough, after what Wilson did to the ceiling in his room, this young boy of four named Benjamin began to enjoy sleeping in his room. He even got excited as the lights were turned off, as something unusually amazing appeared brightly on the ceiling which could keep him amused in his room.

In creating such amusement for Benjamin, she used glow-in-the dark paint and stencils to give a glowing effect as the lights are off. Since such work remains invisible with the lights on or during daylight, she needs to wait until it gets dark to be able to present the entertaining effect.

But it’s not the luminescence that counts and makes the room becomes so attractive during the dark. It’s the idea of bringing the spectacular view of galaxy and mountainous landscape that turn the room into a complete amusement as they are seen in the dark. In this case, as a native of Oregon residing in Hood River, Wilson got inspired by the Oregon’s highest peak, the Mount Hood.