Magnificent Korean Building out of a Shipwreck

Shinslab Architecture from South Korea has created “Temp’L’ a stunning establishment out of a shipwreck. It was presented for MoMA’s Young Architects Program.


Even though it looks quite an abstract kind of art, when you have a closer look at it, then it is clearly something you are familiar with, an old rusty ship.


The Shinslab Architecture has chopped off the ship and flipped it over to make magnificent building that was awarded This Year’s MoMA Young Architect Program in Soul. As you enter the interior of the already rusty vessel, you will find benches, trees and plants or even spiral staircase coming to a balcony. It’s unbearably remarkable. Just scroll down and check out for the inside and outside of the vessel’s structure.

Source: Bored Panda, Instagram, Facebook



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